Topics of study

I’m good at a lot of things and enjoy a lot of things too. Sometimes it’s hard to pick something to work on, and also hard to track progress on individual topics. This is an attempt to catalog the stuff I’m interested in as well as what I’d like to work on to move each forward.

Note: This has been ported from a Google Document.


  • Industrial and Product Design
    • Prototype more things in Fusion 360.
    • Print more things on the 3D printer.
    • Sketch things and get better at sketching.
  • Visual Design
    • Drawing
    • Logo Design
    • Page Layout (Web/Print)
    • Letterpress
    • Typeface design
  • 3D Modeling ala Pixar
    • Finish all Pixar in a Box courses
    • Learn Maya
    • Learn Animation
    • Learn Raytracing

Computer Science

  • Graph Databases
    • Re-research state of the art large graph databases, tuple stores, and exercise this knowledge.
    • Read
  • Distributed Systems
    • Build a non-toy system in Go or Rust
    • Idea: implement TrueTime with commodity hardware in Go
    • Implement RAFT over LoRA
    • Model things with TLA+ or Alloy
  • Machine learning
    • Generative “stuff” making, like layouts, buildings


  • Understand Drone Remote ID and implement something.
  • Continue aerospace engineering studies.


  • Do something with M5Stack
  • Do something with ESP32
  • Do something with LoRA
  • Do something with RISC-V
  • Understand and apply FPGA


  • Foley
  • Sound Design
  • Ambisonics
  • Do Surrounded podcast/project
  • Dolby Atmos
  • Tinycast


  • Take more pictures
  • Print them


  • Make some videos
  • Learn Davinci Resolve
  • Basics of filmmaking and Cinematography
  • Color grading
  • Improve lighting knowledge

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