Things I would like to do

This is an ambitious list. I don’t expect to complete all of these things in my lifetime. I do think they’re helpful to inform how I can make incremental progress towards larger goals. There is some overlap with Topics of study, some of which are foundational to these larger goals.


  • Design a chair. This is something that every industrial designer aspires to. Some succeed.
  • Design a useful object. This is a generalization of designing a chair, but I’d love to design something that is genuinely useful to a set of users. I’m not aiming for another kitchen gadget here, just something that’s genuinely useful. I imagine this involves designing lots of not useful things as well.
  • Design a typeface. This is the graphic design equivalent of designing a chair. It is also a worthwhile endeavor.


  • Design an airfoil.
  • Design an aircraft.
  • Design an autonomous underwater vehicle. I did some initial research a few years ago and left my notes on the subzero project on Github.


  • Make something people want. It doesn’t need to involve VC – in fact I’d prefer to bootstrap. But I would love to create a product that people use, love, and depend on. I’ve been on teams that have done this before, but I’ve never done this from scratch.


  • Write a book. Yes, I know this is a horrible idea.


I have lived and visited many Places but would always love to visit more.

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